[Classweb-users] KNX474

John Hostage hostage at law.harvard.edu
Wed Oct 26 16:13:57 EDT 2011

There is a slight conflict between table number KL-KWX4 474 (Regional divisions. Subregions) and KNX474 for Hokkeido, which is part of a range KNX474-479.2.
If you don't have the range expanded, you see two lines:
KNX474-479.2    Regional divisions. Subregions
KNX474                Regional divisions. Subregions

KNX479                Private law

Aside from the conflicting numbers at 474, the range can't go to 479.2 because 479 is for Private law.
Also, Hokkeido should be spelled 'Hokkaido' (LCCN n  80076150)

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