[Classweb-users] DD801.S322-.S45

Pietris, Mary Kay mpie at loc.gov
Mon Oct 31 13:39:07 EDT 2011

The appropriate records have been corrected and will appear with tomorrow's update to ClassWeb.  Some numbers required the removal of a level of hierarchy; the others were appropriately indented under History.

Mary K. D. Pietris
Library of Congress
Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate Policy and Standards Division

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This numbers between DD801.S322 and DD801.S36-.S45 appear improperly indented.  I believe they should all be at the same level as .S31 and .S32.


Casey A. Mullin
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"Those who need structured and granular data and the precise retrieval that results from it to carry out research and scholarship may constitute an elite minority rather than most of the people of the world (sadly), but that talented and intelligent minority is an important one for the cultural and technological advancement of humanity. It is even possible that if we did a better job of providing access to such data, we might enable the enlargement of that minority."
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