[Classweb-users] G schedule for Kosovo

Grabach, Kenneth A. Mr. grabacka at muohio.edu
Tue Apr 17 11:37:53 EDT 2012

I need some guidance on the use of the G maps schedule for classifying a map of Kosovo.

I notice that there is class G6865 - G6869 for Kosovo (Republic).  But under Serbia, G6853.K6 appears for the autonomous region.  This had been the classification used for this entity.  Should G6865 - G6869 now be used in place of the other classification?  I recently edited and updated the record for a new map of Kosovo, but I did not see this classification at that time.  If this is now the preferred classification, I will revise the record.

Ken Grabach                           <GrabacKA at muohio.edu>
Maps Librarian                          Phone: 513-529-1726
Miami University Libraries
Oxford, Ohio  45056  USA

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