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>Thank you all for this clarification.  I really appreciate it.

Enedina Vera

 According to our law cataloging section head, we normally class these
> according to the date of enactment, so the number in ClassWeb should be
> KNX2064.51946. In fact, the authority record for the constitution (NAR no
> 96013475) has 1946, and the legal specialist in the Law Library has
> confirmed that 1946 is the correct date.  In our shelflist more books are
> classed with the 46 number than the 47 number.  The class number was
> changed and the caption has been changed to Constitution of 1946.
> Mary K. D. Pietris
> Library of Congress
> Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate
> Policy and Standards Division
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> The Constitution of Japan, or "Postwar Constitution" was given the Emperor
> of Japan's assent on Nov.3, 1946, when it became law, but did not go into
> effect until six months later, on May 3, 1947.
> Larry Dershem
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>>Hi all,
>>I am  currently reclassifying, "The Constitution of Japan," 1946?.
>>Webclass  call number is KNX2064.51947, this is for the constitution
>>signed 3 May 1947. However, the "Foreign Law Guide," compiled by Tom
>>Reynolds and the book I have in hand say that the constitution was
>>signed 3 November 1946.
>>Does anyone know which is correct?
>>Thank you,
>>Enedina Vera
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