[Classweb-users] LCC Number LC34.8.A-Z in Classification Web

Pietris, Mary Kay mpie at loc.gov
Tue Dec 18 14:58:35 EST 2012

This has been fixed and will appear in tomorrow's version of Classification Web.

Thank you very much for reporting this.

Mary K. D. Pietris
Library of Congress
Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate 
Policy and Standards Division

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At LCC number LC34.8.A-Z in Classification Web is found an instruction to subarrange this LCC number by Table L19.  However, the hyperlink provided there does *not* lead to *Table* L19, but instead to LCC number L19 in the main schedule.

Also, the indentation for caption "Other regions or countries, A-Z" of this LCC number LC34.8.A-Z is displayed at the same level as "By region or country", rather than at the same level as the "United States".

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