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Hi Robert,

There is no limit to the number of notes you can associate with a 
classification number in ClassWeb. Whenever you edit your notes, there will 
always be four blank entries to allow you to add up to four additional 
notes. If you need to add more than four notes, you must add them in batches 
of four. With each batch, save the notes and use the white button to re-edit 
the notes -- there will be four more blank entries.


Geoff Mottram
ClassWeb Developer

On 12/19/2012 3:01 PM, Bothmann, Robert L wrote:
> If you click the white box next to a class number you can edit notes, class web allows 10 notes. Garden City through Mankato are the 10 allowed on Fort Snelling.
> How can we add more cities to the notes?
> It's unfortunate that all this work had been done to be consistent in the state and we can't use it nationally.
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> On Dec 19, 2012, at 1:52 PM, "Pietris, Mary Kay" <mpie at loc.gov> wrote:
>> The listing in F614 is an e.g. listing.  That means that we establish and print only some examples of cities.  The others are reflected in the shelflist.  We do not intend to add to this list in Classification Web.
>> You can keep your Cutters in synch with ours by consulting the LC catalog by call number.  I don't understand about maxing out 10 spaces--you--and we--can add cities indefinitely by extending Cutters.
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>> Minnesota has a long tradition of doing some cooperative cataloging. One outcome of this is a 1981 Minitex document called the "Minnesota Authority File" and included in it is a loose-leaf photocopy of a directory of Minnesota cities with Cutter numbers to use with F614.
>> I've maxed out the 10 spaces for notes between Fort Snelling and Minneapolis (see below).
>> How can we get more notes or get more cities added to F614 in ClassWeb?
>> We have a large Minnesota collection, so these Cutters are extra important to us.
>> F614.A-Z              Cities, towns, etc., A-Z
>> e.g.
>>   Albert Lea F614.A4
>> F614.D8                Duluth
>>   Elysian F614.E6
>>   Faribault F614.F4
>>   Fort Ridgely F614.F675
>> F614.F7 Fort Snelling
>>   Garden City F614.G37
>>   Good Thunder F614.G66
>>   Goodhue F614.G67
>>   Goodridge F614.G676
>>   Goodview F614.G68
>>   Grand Marais F614.G699
>>   Grand Portage F614.G7
>>   Lake Crystal F614.L25
>>   Madison Lake F614.M338
>>   Mankato F614.M36
>> F614.M5-.M59   Minneapolis Table F2
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