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Pietris, Mary Kay mpie at loc.gov
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Since the LC classification system is available in paper and through Classification Web, these seem to me to be the only way to search to for the meaning of a number.  However, a user could always look at the bibliographic record for the book and inspect the subject headings, the first of which should bear some relation to the class number.

In addition to the schedules themselves, the Library publishes three paper products which lay out the classification schedules in more or less detail.  There are:

LC Classification Outline  (the most detailed)
LC Classification Poster	(class letters only)
LC Classification Quick Reference Guide  (class letters only)

These are available for purchase in bulk, and provide a handy way to see what the class letters mean.
See the CDS website for information, specifically  http://www.loc.gov/cds/products/lcClass.php 

Mary K. D. Pietris
Library of Congress
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While working a reference desk a student asked me if we had a "Sympathy" section in our library. The only way I could show the student how to do this on the OPAC was to trace a candidate book to find it's call number.

This prompted to me think: Is there any way a library user could search the LC classification system to find out what sections are about a particular topic? Classification Web can do this, but library users don't have access to it.  Related to this, given a book's call number, how could a library user determine the name of the section the book is in? 

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