[Classweb-users] Library users looking up name of LC codes

john g marr jmarr at unm.edu
Mon Feb 25 13:51:56 EST 2013

On Sat, 23 Feb 2013, Mark Weiler wrote:

> Is there any way a library user could search the LC classification 
> system to find out what sections are about a particular topic?

  They can do it by searching your catalog. A search for a subject 
[e.g. Sympathy] will bring up records for books on the subject, from which 
patrons can chose the records most appropriate to their interests, note 
the call numbers [e.g. BJ1475] and then do a new search on those call 

> ... given a book's call number, how could a library user determine the 
> name of the section the book is in?

  If you mean subject "section", tell the patrons to look at the 1st 
subject heading on the bibliographic records for the books with that call 


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