[Classweb-users] Author classes with two cutters

Michael Borries michael.borries at mail.cuny.edu
Tue Jun 18 15:47:22 EDT 2013

I am currently trying to formulate the call number for P. Shand Allfrey, The orchid house.  Allfrey's class number is PR9275.D653A44 -- PR9275.D653 is for authors from Dominica, A44 is for Allfrey herself.  There doesn't seem to be an instruction on how to expand the second cutter for individual works, etc.  In this case, the question is probably moot, since she seems to have written only the one, although there is a work about her (misclassed at PR9250.9.A44 Z83 1996, authors from the Dominican Republic who write in English - PSD has been informed).

Should there be an instruction for expansion here?

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