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It appears to me from the cataloging history that the information provided from the publisher (especially the title of the work) changed between submission of the data and publication of the book, and that the cataloger may have changed his/her mind about the proper class number, and that the proper results were not accurately reflected in the final bibliographic record.  The class number is correctly RA993.5, but the single Cutter should be based on the current title, instead of on a title that began with the word Hospital

We will try to find the book and correct this.

Mary K. D. Pietris
Library of Congress
Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate 
Policy and Standards Division

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Dear classweb-user friends,

I came across a colleague's question on a classification number for a title catalogued by DLC:

RA993.5.D48 H67 2003
Innovations in health service delivery : the corporatization of public hospitals / Alexander S. Preker, April Harding, editors.

However in Classweb: the cutter D48 and further H67 are not provided. Can people on the list offer some help? Is the classification justified?

RA991.A1-Z Africa   
RA991.5 Indian Ocean islands   
RA992-992.3 Australia   
RA992.5-993.7 New Zealand   
RA993.A1-.A2-Z Pacific islands, A-Z   
*RA993.5 Developing countries   
RA995-996 Ambulance service  
Including ambulance service for children 
RA995.A1 Periodicals. Societies. Serials   

Liming Shen
Hong Kong Institute of Education Library

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