[Classweb-users] Best class number for Weapons -- Law and legislation -- Ireland?

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Dear Ryan,

   Well, I am as perplexed as you are.  The best I can offer in "K" is KDK1250-1262:  Individual and state, Civil and political rights and liberties, General, at KDK 1255.  I even went to the old printed classification tools and could not find an area for public safety or police.  That's probably why the cataloger applied the number in "HV."  
  I'm going to send this email to the PCC List in hopes that John Hostage and other law catalogers have some better ideas.


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To the collective:

I have McDonnell's *Law of firearms and offensive weapons* in hand (OCLC # 840477815)--IRs and master record have HV7439.I73 as the class # in 050.
However, if possible, I would like to class this in a law number, but am drawing a blank as to any number that might work. While there is a number for public safety (KD3492) for England/Wales, there is no comparable area in KDK.

KDK895 (Public welfare) and KDK910 (Public health) are about the closest to Public safety that I can find.


Thank you in advance.

Ryan Tamares

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