[Classweb-users] Class Web HJ schedule and Table H8

Kappmeyer, Lori O [LIB] losmus at iastate.edu
Mon Jul 14 11:06:16 EDT 2014

Dear Class Web users:

I sent an earlier message about this, but since it included copied-and-pasted sections of the classification
schedules, it didn't seem to go through.  I'll re-send this now with just a verbal description.

We are trying to classify a title about Taxation in Monaco using the HJ schedule. (OCLC #869435586). We 
realize we could classify this in the KKL354  but wanted to keep this in HJ with other countries on the 
same topic in our collection.

There is no number provided for Monaco in the schedule between HJ2361 and HJ2885. For other 
regions or countries, we are directed to Table H8. When clicking on the "Other regions or countries" link 
there is no number for Monaco between HJ2901-HJ3192.7. When going directly to Table H8 the 
number  340.5 is provided for Monaco. Adding 340.5 to HJ2350, results in HJ2690.5 which puts Monaco 
in a sub arrangement under Germany. For some European countries such as Germany there is a number 
in the schedule and a number in the table which is not the same (Germany HJ2671 (general works)) in 
the schedule but HJ2691 general works (341 + 2350) from table H8.

Is there an error in the link to other regions or countries or in Table H8 or are we missing something 

Thanks for your help,

Lori Osmus Kappmeyer
Head, Cataloging & Metadata Department
204 Parks Library
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011

e-mail: losmus at iastate.edu
phone: 515-294-4281

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