[Classweb-users] When to use Geographic Cutter Numbers Tables G1548 - G9804?

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The Geographic Cutter Numbers Tables G1548-G9804 are to be used only for cartographic materials classed in G and nowhere else.

Two tables are provided in the Classification and Shelflisting Manual:  Regions and Countries Table, G 300, and U.S. States and Canadian Provinces, G 302.  These may be used if there is no conflict with entries already in the shelflist.  

The subject heading for Southeast Asia was formerly Asia, Southeastern, and hence was given the .A785 Cutter in G 300.  After the heading was changed (in 2005?), it was given the Cutter .S644.

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I would like to know when to use Geographic Cutter Numbers Tables G1548 - G9804?

By region or country, A-Z  
Under each country:
.x     Periodicals. Societies. Serials
.x2   General works. History Including biography
.x3A-.x3Z   Local, A-Z
.x4A-.x4Z   By firm, etc., A-Z

HD 9016 A785 C43 2008 	
Changing agrifood markets in Southeast Asia : impacts on small-scale producers
Produce trade--Southeast Asia.	
Farm produce--Southeast Asia--Marketing.	
Farms, Small--Government policy--Southeast Asia.

Why A785 is the Geographic Cutter?
In Geographic Cutter Number from this link http://catdir.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/GCutters.pdf
or G4114 from classweb online table, A785 is for Anderson, Michigan.

It should be at least Southeast Asia which starts with S.
Right? What table to check for this??

Please give a link to check Geographic Cutter Numbers officially from LC.

I appreciate the feedback. Many thanks in advance. 

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