[Classweb-users] Table KL-KWX4 3640.A-Z vs. KL-KWX6 3174.A-Z

Ryan Tamares rtamares at law.stanford.edu
Wed Aug 26 17:31:50 EDT 2015

To the collective:

Table KL-KWX4 3640.A-Z has a great breakdown of numbers for particular
topics, including for securities and bonds at KL-KWX4 3640.S42.

However, my piece in hand is for securities taxation in Australia, which
uses Table KL-KWX6. KL-KWX6 3174.A-Z should be analogous to KL-KWX4 3640,
except there are only two topic areas established, KL-KWX6 3174.A3 for
Admissions. Amusements and KL-KWX6 3174.M68 for Motor vehicles.

Thoughts on what my options are? Should I propose KL-KWX6 3174.S42 for
securities and bonds?

Thank you in advance.

Ryan Tamares

Ryan Tamares
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