[Classweb-users] New Zealand Lit Authors 21st Century

Linda Sarihan L.M.Sarihan at bham.ac.uk
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Hi there,

This is what I see in Classweb  - maybe the text is recently added:

PR9639.4.A-Z 			21st century, A-Z

It is hidden under 20th century in a hierarchy search, but not when PR9639 is searched on in enhanced classification browse.

Hope this is helpful,

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I sent this very question to either CPSO or this list a few months ago!
It¹s been so long I can¹t remember where I sent it. I just know I haven¹t heard anything back

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>Expansion of the New Zealand Literary authors  PR9639.2-.4 Individual 
>authors does not (initially) indicate any # for the 21st century.
>However, expanding the 20th century shows a # PR9639.4 without any 
>associated text--this should indicate 21st century right?
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