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Hi, Ian, and all list members,

A copy of this email was sent to the LC/CP section at LC.  It was (apparently) forwarded to one of the LC catalogers.  She responded by saying that many libraries like newer editions classed with older ones under the older class number, so that all editions sit together on the shelf.

I replied that in our case, I encouraged catalogers at the individual CUNY colleges to reclass their books into the newer numbers (since we have open stacks, and this keeps similar materials together), and that even if older materials were not reclassed, it still seemed better, from the readers viewpoint, to keep all newer materials together, even if that meant separating the editions.  I also pointed out that we relied on LC to follow their stated policy, and did not expect to have examine materials in various classes where class numbers had changed to see if the policy was being carried out.  (I have stated the response somewhat more succinctly here than in the email I sent to the cataloger).

I probably should have sent a copy of my original message to the LCERROR list, but my first concern was to ascertain whether there was an error in ClassWeb, and apparently there is none.

If others on this list have similar concerns (or a different opinion), they may want to address LC at Library of Congress Policy and Standards Division <policy at loc.gov<mailto:policy at loc.gov>>.


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Michael, Francine (c: Classweb-users list, LCCERROR listowners),

If these cases truly are erroneous, LC needs to know so that they can correct their bibliographic record.  Unfortunately, a post to Classweb-users does not constitute informing LC, even though the list itself is hosted by LC.  You need to address them via the appropriate channels.  Perhaps another reader will advise further on this.

Furthermore, LC creates and maintains bibliographic records in their own catalog, accessible via http://catalog.loc.gov.  A version of that record found elsewhere, such as in WorldCat, does not meet this criterion.

Another forum in which such cases IS of interest is the LCCERROR list.  That list was created specifically for handling mistakes in call numbers.  But again, it does not constitute a means of informing LC.  It is for other readers who also wish to be advised of such cases.

Sincerely - Ian (LCCERROR co-listowner)

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QA76.76.O63 is listed in parentheses with a note to use QA76.77-.774.  I was under the impression that once the class had been changed, new editions of titles were to be classed in the new class number.  Is this correct?  If so, are the examples below simply titles that "slipped through the cracks"?

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Hi Michael,
You told us a while back that QA76.76.O63 is no longer being used. But I keep getting new books, cataloged by LC, with that call number.
Case in point:
Understanding operating systems by Ann Mciver, 7th ed., ISBN 9781285096551, 2014
And even a 2015 publication:
Modern operating systems by Tanenbaum and Bos, 4th ed., ISBN 9780133591620.
Do I have to do original cataloging each time I get one of these books?

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