[Classweb-users] Anyone else having problems with spotty access to Classification Web?

MCCUTCHEON, SEVIM lmccutch at kent.edu
Tue May 24 09:48:01 EDT 2016

Last week two catalogers at my university (myself included) could not get into Class Web, while several other coworkers continued to have access.

A few days later, whatever glitch it was seemed to have resolved itself, as we two who had had problems could get in again.

However, this morning the problem has recurred: I'm asked for my user name and password (it's set up so that we get in automatically without having to input these, so that's unusual) and then I'm not recognized as a user when I put in my user name.

1. Is anyone else having this type of problem? And
2. Does anyone have ideas on what to do about it?


(Ms.) Sevim McCutcheon
Catalog Librarian; Assoc. Prof.
Metadata and Catalog Dept.
Kent State University Libraries
Lmccutch at kent.edu

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