[Classweb-users] Is it a Cutter or just a number

Kelleher, Martin martind at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Aug 24 08:12:06 EDT 2017

Hi everyone

I'm writing an article at the moment about using local practices for filling in numberless cutters for literary authors and other persons, and I've just realised I'm not sure whether technically speaking I'm actually talking about Cutters at all, or what should properly be referred to as the classmark or classification number?

E.g., in the following it would be the C4 for Chesterton that I'd be talking about:

PR4453.C4 I7 1987

Would it be incorrect to call this the Cutter for Chesterton, because it's a formal element of the classification schedule (and hence just the "classification number", classmark etc.), or is it correct to refer to this (and any element such as this involving using the same principle of alphanumeric representation for persons, places, subjects or titles to place them alphabetically in sequence) as a Cutter?

Best wishes

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