[Classweb-users] Question on TL215

Mark Vargas mvargas at chmotorcars.com
Wed Feb 1 10:28:45 EST 2017

Greetings, I direct the library at a large automotive museum, and have a
question about the TL215A-Z classification.

The existing table lists 215.B84 for Buick, 215.C5 for Chevrolet, and
215.C6 for Corvette. I am trying to understand the consistency.

Buick and Chevrolet are divisions of General Motors (215.G4), and the
Corvette is a model of the Chevrolet marque. I recognize that if a title is
about GM its a TL215.G4.

But I don't see consistency in the classification for marques and models.

In other words, in some cases the tables list the marque (whether the
division or overall company), in other cases, the model. For example, why
are some books on the Chevy Corvette classified as Chevy, others as

We have found that in most cases, books tend to use the classification for
marques, but not always. This isn't very helpful when I have endless books
on Ferraris or Renaults and their quite large numbers of models.

What I am trying to do is understand the principle we should follow for
classifying many specialized automotive titles. (Our foreign holdings are
quite extensive too.)  For example, would books on the Jaguar XKSS be
TL215.J34 or under TL215.X57? Or, because there are so many models for each
marque, would it be acceptable to use TL215.J34.X57, using a second cutter
for the model? To make it more complex, there are many books on submodels
for each model (i.e., different kinds of Jaguar XKSS) and our patrons seem
to know every one of them!

Your time and consideration in this matter is most welcome and appreciated.

Thank you, Mark


Mark A. Vargas

Director of the Library and Archives

CH Motorcars, LLC

The Revs Institute®

2500 S. Horseshoe Drive

Naples, FL 34104

(239) 330-4274

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