[Classweb-users] Collections of English poetry (PR1170 -- PR1175)

Robert C Eberwein rce1 at nyu.edu
Wed Mar 22 14:52:07 EDT 2017


I have a question regarding the Schedule for Collections of English poetry:

PR1171  Collections published before 1801
PR1173  Collections published 1801-1960
PR1174  Collections published 1961-
PR1175  Selections

What is the purpose of PR1175 as distinct from the "Collections published
..." series?

I have tried to determine it by the types of works in LC's collection @
PR1174 versus those @ PR1175
without a satisfactory understanding.

Norton anthologies are @ PR1174, as I would expect, but some similar
anthologies are in PR1174.

Note also that all the "collections" are inherently "selections" any way
so, again, why "Selections"?

Thanks for any guidance.
Robert Eberwein
NYU / Bobst Library / KARMS (TSD-Cataloging) -- 20 Cooper Sq.

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